Dental Prosthesis Options and You

Dental Implant Examples

Prosthodontics is the field of dental medicine focused on the reconstruction of a patient’s teeth through the use of prosthesis. There are multiple types of prostheses that are used to treat a patient’s conditions. Which one is used depends on the specific needs of the patient and their oral health. Prosthesis makes it possible to return a beautiful and healthy-looking smile to almost anyone. With time, care, and expertise, your dentist can even restore a full set of teeth, albeit prosthetics, to a patient who has no teeth at all.

What Different Type of Dental Prosthesis Are There?

As we discussed previously, there is a range of dental prostheses available, each one appropriate for addressing a specific patient’s concern. Some of them you’re going to recognize, while others are cutting edge and perform a restoration that appears a little short of miraculous. We’ll cover each of these restorations below and discuss when each one is appropriate, with final say laying with you and your dentist.

Removable Prosthesis

When you have lost all of your teeth, either your upper or lower jaw, or both, a removable prosthesis may be a suitable answer for your concerns. These dentures are affordable and are fit to the individual patient. Every day they’ll need to be taken out and cleaned and cannot be allowed to go dry. They can be had in a range of styles and materials that can fit almost any price point.

Partially Removable Prosthesis

When you only need one or just a few teeth replaced, this prosthesis is a likely candidate. These teeth are firmly held in place with metal hooks known as stellites, as well as your remaining teeth. These prostheses tend to be more stable than the removable variety, but do have to be removed and cleaned after each meal. 

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a permanent style of dental prosthesis that has the added advantage of being the only one that actually increases the durability of the jawbone. This prosthesis is capable of replacing one, multiple, or even all of your teeth while restoring a natural appearance to your smile. The titanium used in the bolts that get inserted into the jaw actually stimulate bone growth, ultimately becoming ossified, or fused with the bone, for a perfect fit. The dental crowns are then placed on top of this post, known as an abutment, and are only removed during your twice-yearly visits for cleaning and inspection. They’re the most expensive solution, but also provide the most natural appearing teeth while restoring full function.

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