Foods that Brighten Tooth Enamel

Close up of white teeth biting into a strawberry

The importance of taking care of our teeth may not really sink in until we have gotten older, and by that time you may be struggling with teeth that have become stained. Growing up most of us make choices that suit what we want rather than what’s good for us, and the long term ramifications of this can make themselves apparent in our dental health.  While whitening agents exist that can be bought at your local pharmacy, you can also find ways to battle stained teeth in your produce aisle.

Strawberries: Their Bright Red Color Makes Your Teeth Shine White

These delicious red berries of summer contain gentle acids that can be recruited to help aid in whitening your teeth without expensive gels.  While eating them won’t help you, you can crush them into a mash and apply them to your teeth for five minutes before you swallow it. Follow this by brushing and flossing and you’ll start to see a real difference in the brightness of your teeth. You may want to consider getting a different toothpaste if the flavor of strawberry and mint doesn’t suit you.

Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables Can Help

One of the most powerful bacteria and plaque fighting agents in our body is saliva, so foods that get your body producing more can really help with keeping your teeth white.  Apples, Celery, and other crunchy foods including carrots can help to scrape away the plaque from your teeth, as well as stimulate the production of saliva to fight bacteria.

Citrus Is A Bright Splash Of Whitening Power

Citric acid, a naturally occurring acid in citrus fruits like pineapples, oranges, and lemons, are another great way to whiten your teeth and freshen your breath.  They also work to produce additional saliva, letting it do its work to improve your breath and the color of your teeth. Unlike strawberries these can’t be applied directly to your teeth due to the strength of the acid, but drinking juice and eating them can help if you make sure to rinse and brush afterwards.

Baking Soda

While you won’t find it in your produce aisle this is another great way to brighten your teeth.  You can brush your teeth with it provided that you’re gentle and rinse well afterwards, using its fizzy and slightly abrasive nature to scrub away staining agents from your teeth.  

If you’re looking for help with stained teeth and want to make sure you’re taking the sustainable and natural road to do so, check into these fruits and vegetables.  For additional help you can speak to Jacob Laudie and Jacob Laudie Dental in Lees Summit, MO. They’ve been helping patients maintain a sparkling white smile by making healthy food choices and getting regular dental care for years and are ready to help brighten your smile.  Make an appointment to get a regular check-up and then ask what steps you can take to help improve the whiteness of your smile and your overall dental health.