How Cracked Tooth Pain Can Be Treated

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If you’re dealing with a cracked tooth, it can be a massive source of anxiety and worry. It’s essential to seek treatment from a dentist, as cracked teeth can lead to further problems with oral health when left untreated. However, your dentist is prepped and ready to handle any case. Our team at Summit Dental Group can provide various treatment options for cracked teeth, and we’ll be going over what types of fractured teeth exist and how they can be managed or treated. 

The Types of Cracked Teeth and How Your Dentists Can Treat It 

Cracked teeth can be upsetting and uncomfortable, and during this time, it’s essential to seek treatment from a dentist immediately to get it treated. Your dentist will be able to recognize the type of fracture you’re experiencing and recommend treatment based on the type of crack present. While each person’s case is always unique, certain factors can change how your dentist approaches your tooth. These types of fractures include: 

  • Craze Lines: Craze lines are tiny, almost microscopic cracks that affect only the outer enamel. They often occur in mature molars and can cause sensitivities to the overall teeth. They often don’t hurt but can be fixed through bonding or filling procedures. 
  • Cracked Cusps: Cracked cusps frequently occur near fillings and rarely impact the pulp. Pain from cracked cusps is often mild, and your dentist may recommend a new filling or crown to correct it. 
  • Vertical Tooth Cracks: These cracks affect the chewing surface of the tooth and can worsen over time, even while the tooth remains intact. In these cases, the tooth must be treated with a root canal and crown to correct the fissure and help stop further fracture. 
  • Split Teeth: Split teeth are the next step in vertical tooth fractures, causing the tooth to split in half. They can be especially painful and need immediate treatment to be salvaged or entirely replaced. In some cases, endodontic therapy, root canals, and crowns can be used to treat it. 
  • Fractured Roots: Fractured roots are often one of the most underdiagnosed problems as they exist inside the gum and jawbone. While they sometimes exhibit few symptoms, they can often go unnoticed for a while and will need root canals or endodontic therapy to treat. 

Your form of treatment will entirely depend on your circumstances, your overall health, and your current oral health beyond the affected tooth. Through speaking with your dentist about your symptoms, they can either perform your treatment or refer you to a specialist such as an endodontist or cosmetic dentist to help treat the tooth. In the meantime, take pain medications for temporary relief and avoid sugary, sticky, and hot or cold foods to prevent pain.

Receive Treatment For Cracked Teeth at Summit Dental Group 

Cracked teeth can be a pain, but at Summit Dental Group, Dr. Brian Schowengerdt and his team can treat your cracked teeth in Lees Summit, MO. Our team can offer affordable solutions for your oral health and help you heal or replace your tooth for a fresh, almost brand-new smile. If you want to learn more about cracked teeth procedures, schedule an appointment today at (816) 524-3535.