How Sedation Dentistry Can Make Your Visits Easier

There’s a persistent notion in those considering dental care that the process of receiving certain procedures is inherently unpleasant. This is one of the many reasons that some people avoid visiting the dentist or elect not to have certain procedures performed in spite of the fact that not doing so will lead to later complications for them. For some, this is merely a latent nervousness, an anxious feeling that forms at the very thought of being in the dental chair, while for others it’s a paralyzing, and very real, phobia. For these patients sedation, dentistry may be a solution, and these are some of the reasons it may be a perfect fit.

You Don’t Need To Be Unconscious

If a patient’s fear of dentistry is accompanied by anxieties surrounding general sedation, the kind where you’re rendered unconscious for the procedure, there’s good news for them. Sedation dentistry comes in many forms, and only one of them requires you to be unconscious. For most forms of sedation you can actually remain conscious throughout the procedure, the medication you’re given simply makes it possible for you to remain calm and relaxed.

Things Go Faster Under Sedation

The time it takes to complete a procedure on a nervous patient is much longer than that required for one who is relaxed and comfortable. This means there’s less time for you in the operating chair and less time required for the dentist to complete the procedure and get you on your way. It also helps to prevent potential mishaps caused by the patient jumping or startling.

Quality Of Life Improvement

Knowing that you can be sedated and relaxed through the procedure can remove a lot of the anxiety that crops up before you’re even in the office. For some people the days or weeks leading up to the appointment can be filled with tension and nervousness, the knowledge that the procedure will be relaxed and pain free can help soothe their worries.

Completion Of All Necessary Work

We mentioned this above, some patients will put off appointments for certain procedures due to their fear and anxiety. In some cases appointments will be made, rescheduled, and just plain skipped because of the lingering fear of their time in the chair. Sedation dentistry can make it easier to tackle those fears and allow your dentist to preserve your oral health by performing the procedures necessary to get it back on track.

Tame Your Gag Reflects

One issue that some patients face during these procedures is an overactive gag reflex that makes performing work in the mouth difficult for patient and dentist alike. Sedation dentistry can help soothe the gag reflex and allow them to get through the procedure quickly.

If you’ve been avoiding getting dental work done due to fears or anxiety related to oral health, now’s the time to pick up the phone and call Dr. Jacob Laudie at his office in Lees Summit, MO. Patients have been coming to Jacob Laudie Dental to experience anxiety free dental care with a smile.