How Teledentistry Can Improve Access To Dental Care

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Dental care is one of the vital and important aspects of maintaining our health, but gaining access to this source of care in the U.S. is highly problematic. Economic gaps between rural and urban communities often lead to an increase in dental problems, including cavities, gum disease, and even tooth loss. In order to resolve this issue and bridge the gap between healthcare practitioners and their patients, teledentistry has become a revolutionary method for dentists to connect with their patients on a more intimate level without increasing costs. 

How Teledentistry May Potentially Bridge the Economic Gap

For those who are new to the concept, teledentistry refers to digital methods of communication that dentists use to interact with their patients and provide services. These services can range from diagnosing dental conditions to providing long-term treatment plans for oral health. Telemedicine has expanded broadly among medical professionals as a way to reach out to their patients through digital mediums such as cell phones, computers, and other communication devices, and in dentistry, it’s no different. Teledentistry, in particular, has played an essential role in managing the Covid-19 pandemic, providing dentists with the means to offer faster emergency response times and decrease the rate of outbreaks across the U.S. over time. 

For those faced with economic disparity, teledentistry provides the ability to provide better access to dental care within rural and suburban communities. Because of the issues faced within these communities, teledentistry can provide a new avenue for families, giving them access to dental care in various scenarios, including: 

  • Immediate Emergency Treatment: For patients faced with severe dental trauma and infections, dentists can communicate with virtual methods to offer at-home care techniques, medication prescriptions, and immediate appointments for emergency treatment.
  • Lower Costs For Appointments: Families faced with financial troubles can communicate with their dentists through teledentistry. This method can help reduce the costs associated with scheduling and traveling to appointments.
  • Provide Consistent Communication: Because of the higher levels of interaction between dentists and patients, the dentist-patient relationship is more responsive, building higher levels of trust. These methods can offer comfort and reassurance for families uncertain about their medical care and improve overall health rates as a whole. 
  • Reduce Dental Problems in Children: Parents can gain advice from their dentists for at-home scenarios to help their children through conditions such as mixed dentition, losing a tooth, and cavities.
  • Supplements Preventative Care: Lastly, teledentistry can provide patients with access to long-term preventative care and treatment plans, which can provide better rates for preventative treatment. 

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Even though today’s methods for communication are still limited, teledentistry can provide better communication between dentists and their patients. This method of communication can greatly expand access to healthcare and help reduce the spread of disease. Teledentistry can also positively impact families in rural areas and help improve oral health for everyone. For more information about teledentistry and the opportunities it can provide for you and your family, you can learn more through your local dentist by scheduling an appointment.