Sugar Content in Drinks and Daily Sugar Intake Limit

The American Heart Association links various health conditions to excessive sugar intake. The recommended amount of sugar individuals should consume in a day is six teaspoons (24 grams) for women and nine teaspoons (36 grams) for men. If you compare this to the average sugar levels that an average American consumes in a day, you will be appalled.

Consuming too much sugar may lead to type 2 diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay among many other health problems. People need to be more cautious about the amount of sugar they consume in a day to keep these health problems at bay. Unfortunately, most manufacturers of products which have artificial sweeteners do not properly inform customers of the high amounts of sugar they consume.

Most soft drinks including sodas have very high percentages of sugar. Sodas and such like soft drinks are a major contributor to obesity in America. Some of the drinks branded as natural drinks contain artificial sweeteners making them have a high sugar percentage. Any drink containing a higher sugar percentage than the recommended daily intake is unhealthy.

The amount of sugar contained in some soft drinks is equivalent to several candy bars. Unfortunately, most people do not take the time to consider the amount of calories contained in drinks before they drink. Although there is more awareness with regards to healthy eating, there is still a rise in cancer and other health related conditions related to high sugar intake.

An Alternative to Artificial Sweeteners

Dr. Jacob Laudie of Summit Dental advises against snacking on sugary foods and drinks in between meals. Sugar damages the teeth especially when it is not from a natural source. It is better to snack on a fruit or use natural sweeteners like honey to make your food tasty than to consume artificial sweeteners. His dental practice in Lees Summit, MO receives many patients every day who have damaged teeth as a result of high sugar intake. Dr. Laudie offers treatment and medical advice regarding dental health.

Dr. Laudie strongly advises against high intake of soft drinks. It is better ultimately keeping off all drinks that have artificial sweeteners. Instead, you can make your fruit juices using natural ingredients. It may be difficult to find out which drinks have a healthy sugar percentage as most of them are not clear on their packaging.

Despite the high amounts of sugar in drinks, you are responsible for the amount of sugar you consume. Your health is your responsibility, and so you have to be cautious of what you and your children consume. Try as much as possible to cut on the amount of sugar you consume daily. Do this gradually until you get to a point where you can do without sugar. It may seem hard at first but the reward is priceless.

Controlling your sugar intake will protect you from various health conditions including heart disease. Teach your children to take minimal sugar or to keep off it completely when they are still young. Once it is part of their lifestyle, they will not struggle in their adult life.