The Anatomy Of Your Teeth

Your teeth may have been with your whole life, but for many of us, their deeper secrets are a vast wasteland that is beyond our knowledge. Every tooth in your mouth is comprised of the same six basic parts, each of them coming together to create an incredible machine that is central to our everyday existence. From speaking to eating to singing, our teeth are an essential part of our lives so it just makes sense to take a little time to get to know them better. If you’ve ever wondered what mysteries lay beneath that pearlescent white surface, come with us as we explore the anatomy of your teeth.

The Geography of Your Teeth

  • Crown – There is often much confusion around what is actually meant by the crown of your tooth. The answer is really remarkably simple. The crown is the visible part of your tooth that you use for chewing, singing, talking, and a great deal else. Every tooth in your mouth has a crown that’s shaped just slightly different so it can do its job. Canines rip and tear, incisors cut, and molars grind, and every one of them does it with their crown.
  • Gumline – At the base of your crown is the veil of secrets that covers the largest part of your tooth. From here on down lay the structures that keep your tooth alive and protected from the worst of decay.
  • Root – Just as the crown is the portion of your teeth visible when you open your mouth, the root is the portion of your teeth you cannot see when you open your mouth. Like the roots of a tree, these reach ever downward into your jawline to cement themselves into the bone. There they secure themselves for the most rigorous of oral activities.
  • Enamel – The root and crown are protected by the same durable material, enamel. Enamel is the most resilient substance in the human body and one of the strongest organic materials on the planet. It is second only to another dental material, the teeth of the aquatic snail. Taking proper care of your enamel ensures that you don’t struggle with decay.
  • Dentin – Just beneath the stalwart outer layer that is the enamel lays the porous and sensitive dentin layer. This layer is responsible for the sensations that you feel in your teeth thanks to its direct connection to the living pulp of your tooth.
  • Pulp – Secured inside the dual layer of dentin and pulp, protected by all the brushing, flossing, and mouthwash use that you do is the pulp. This is the portion of your tooth that feeds and waters it as it grows, and is essential to this process. Once it has reached maturity your tooth can live without it, which is why you can get a root canal and still have a living tooth.

These are the amazing structures that comprise your teeth and make it possible for you to talk, sing, and eat with ease. If you want to learn more about your teeth then pick up the phone and make an appointment to speak to Dr. Jacob Laudie at Summit Dental. Their team of experts serves the Lee Summit, MO community with pride, and will be happy to add your family to their dental family.