The Benefits of Fluoride

One of the most common things mentioned in advertisements for dental products is the importance of fluoride in oral health. What they don’t go into is how fluoride is important for healthy teeth, leaving many of us to wonder if it’s just another form of advertising to get us to choose their product. Unfortunately,the presence of fluoride has a very definite effect on teeth, and is essential for ensuring that you have healthy teeth that last a lifetime.

How Does Fluoride Halt Decay Of Teeth?

There’s a hard coating over your teeth that most of us have heard of called enamel. This substance is what gives our teeth their durability and resistance to sensitivity to things like acid and temperatures. Fluoride helps prevent this material from breaking down, and helps it rebuild itself through demineralization. Enamel formed under the presence of fluoride are actually stronger and more resistant to substances that cause decay.

What Benefits Does Fluoride Bring With It?

Fluoride is available from all sorts of sources, including city water, so why do we need to worry about getting more? The fact of the matter is that fluoride is vital to our dental health and the amount present in city water isn’t enough to maintain our teeth. Adding other sources are important to ensuring your teeth last your lifetime in great condition. Read about the common sources of fluoride below.

  • Fluoridated Water – City water usually has fluoride added to it, but if you’re living off of a well you may not be getting enough fluoride in your water. Outside sources may be necessary.
  • Fluoride Tablets – These are commonly prescribed for those having difficulty getting enough of this important mineral in their diet.
  • Fluoride Mouthwash – Along with the bacteria killing compounds found within mouthwash, many of them provide an additional source of fluoride as well. Check the brand you use to see if it provides fluoride.
  • Fluoride Toothpaste – This is a great way to get extra fluoride since you’re directly applying it to your teeth at least twice a day. (You are doing it twice a day aren’t you?). Be sure that you don’t swallow the toothpaste when brushing, and keep an eye on children under six to make sure they don’t either. Limit the amount of fluoride toothpaste your child under six uses to a dab the size of a pea.

Fluoride is an essential part of any dental health care routine, and is as important as ensuring you see your dentist once every six months. If you’re due to see your dentist but don’t have a current one for your family, call Dr. Jacob Laudie at Jacob Laudie Dental in Lees Summit, MO. The team of experts at this clinic serves the community with pride and works hard to make sure that the dental health needs of their patients are met beyond their expectations. Find out if you need more fluoride in your oral hygiene routine by making an appointment today!