The Top Aesthetic and Restorative Products Used By Dentists

Man Holding Tooth Brush

As dentists, we rely on our tools, techniques, and materials to achieve the best results for our patients. While dental tools are what patients are most familiar with, the techniques and materials used are a dentist’s bread and butter. Techniques can be discussed for ages to come because of the way they revolutionize and change treatment modes, but materials are a less often discussed aspect of dentistry that needs a little bit more appreciation than it gets. Dentists absolutely love their brand-name materials, especially if they are vital for procedures such as dental bonding, teeth whitening, and crown restoration.

In today’s article, we’re here to provide a little insight into the world of dentistry and give you a look into how the materials we use are important for how we provide dental care. 

How Does Material Quality Impact Dental Care? 

Most patients, when they think of brands, refer to Colgate, Oral-B, and Crest as their companies of choice. Dentists, on the other hand, have a much more complex relationship with their products, as the brand name and quality of their materials heavily influence the outcome of dental treatments. If a product is unable to meet the requirements necessary for success, then that dentist cannot rely on that product for treating patients. Brands help influence the ways that techniques and treatment methods are discussed in the dental sphere and can highly influence overall outcomes for patients based on studies conducted by researchers and educators of the industry. 

While the variety of materials used out there is wide and complex, here’s a short intro to how products play a role in dental practices: 

  • Universal Bonding System: Universal bonding systems help rebuild small areas in the tooth, especially when a cavity is present. These materials help construct the tooth from the ground up. Hence malleability and durability are important components, with brand names such as 3M’s RelyX Universal Resin as a popular choice among dentists. 
  • Composite Systems: Composite systems also help construct and improve existing teeth by acting as a rebuilder compared to bonding materials. Some dentists prefer to work with resin composites than bonding materials due to their ability to match tooth colors better and have higher chances of successful results. A brand name used among dentists is Omnichroma Flow.
  • Temporary Cement: Restorative dentists use temporary restorative materials to protect the areas before the official restoration is complete. These materials can be removed but are durable enough to protect the tooth in the meantime. A brand name cement famous for its success is Provincial QM Aesthetic.
  • Whitening Systems: Dental whitening systems are the most contested among dentists because of the fine balance between whitening power and the ability to protect the existing teeth. Some brand names famous for their success include Zoom! and the SDI Pola In-Office Whitening System. 

Learn More About Dentistry Through Your Dentist! 

Through the small list mentioned above, it can be confusing and overwhelming to understand the intricacies of dental care, but if you find yourself curious and want to learn more, speaking with your dentist is the first step.