Three Procedures that Whiten Teeth

Woman sitting in a dental chair getting her teeth matched for whitening

Beauty may only be skin deep, but that doesn’t stop it from having a meaningful impact on your social life and career.  Smiles are recognized as one of the signature parts of natural beauty, and having a less than perfect smile can affect how others judge you and how you feel about yourself.  These elements may seem small or inconsequential in the larger scheme of things but the effect they have on all areas of your life has been proven by scientific studies. If you’re looking to eliminate the yellowing or discoloration of your teeth for your own self-esteem or to help promote your social and career life, read on to discover some of the options available.

Laser Whitening
If you’ve already tried over-the-counter whitening solutions and they haven’t produced the desired results, it may be time to talk to your physician about laser whitening.  Laser whitening is a powerfully effective method of eliminating discoloration from your teeth, and is capable of brightening your teeth by three shades. If your seeking to remove discoloration from veneers or porcelain crowns, however, you’re going to be out of luck. Laser whitening can’t penetrate these substances.  Otherwise there is no solution that is seen to be as safe and effective by the American Dental Association.

Gel Whitening
For those seeking an at-home solution there’s gel whitening, a peroxide infused gel solution put into dental trays that you place in your mouth for up to an hour at a time.  While over-the-counter versions often use this same technology, the solution provided by your dentist is much more effective and must be used exactly as directed to avoid possible harm to your teeth.  Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common results of using this form of whitening, but careful use will avoid this while producing a sparkling white smile.

Internal Bleaching
If you have discolored teeth that are in need of a root canal your dentist may suggest internal bleaching.  Internal bleaching is a whitening technique that only works on teeth that have become deeply damaged and discolored through decay and have no living tissue remaining inside them.  This is an intense and thorough whitening method that can help beautify your teeth following the procedure. This whitening technique won’t be appropriate for all patients due to its intensity, and in some cases of advanced decay it may not be able to fully whiten your teeth.

If the time you spend brushing your teeth isn’t producing the results you hope for, and you find yourself being self-conscious about the yellowing of your teeth you don’t have to just live with it.  Contact Dr. Jacob Laudie in Lees Summit, MO for guidance on teeth whitening procedures. After an appointment at Jacob Laudie Dental you’ll receive a consultation that can help set you on the path to a beautiful white smile.  So don’t let discolored teeth be a mark of shame for you, pick up the phone and contact Jacob Laudie Dental today!