Why Dental Cleanings Are Essentials

We know you do your best all year, working hard to brush twice daily, floss your teeth, use mouthwash, all the essential parts of your routine to ensure you don’t wind up with a painful cavity or discolored teeth. You may think that if you work hard enough you won’t have to bother with those twice yearly dental visits, but unfortunately that just isn’t the case. Maintaining a steady routine of check-ups is the only way to ensure not only your dental, but your full body health.

Why Do I Need A Professional Dental Cleaning?

When you go in for your regularly scheduled check-up and cleaning you’re getting far more than you actually think you are. Your dentist doesn’t explain a lot of what they’re doing while they’re cleaning your teeth, but it involves a lot more than you might think. We’re going to explain why a dental cleaning is essential, and how it might just save your life.

  • Stained Teeth – Brushing is an effective way to hold off stains building up on your teeth, but sometimes it just isn’t enough to overcome bad habits or genetic factors. Your dentist’s equipment can get rid of the worst of the tartar and tackle what your bush can’t.
  • Grinding Teeth – One of the things your dentist is in there looking for is signs of bruxism, or teeth grinding. Thousands of people wake up every day with sore jaws and sore teeth and don’t know the damage their doing in their sleep.
  • Maintain Dental Work – If you’ve had any dental work done your dentist is going to be checking up on it to see if there’s any work that needs to be done to maintain it. Mishaps happen, and fillings, crowns, and other dental work can chip and crack.
  • Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease – Regular cleanings and oral care are proven bulwarks against the risk of heart disease and stroke. Your dentist is protecting your whole body health with the cleaning, not just your teeth.
  • Oral Cancer – The most important part of your cleaning that you don’t know about is the oral cancer screening. During their procedure they’re looking for all the signs that can point to oral cancer, as it’s generally treatable if caught early.

While this list doesn’t include all of the possible dental issues that can show up during a cleaning, but it does cover the majority of the important ones. Other things your dentist will be checking on will be the health of your TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, to ensure that this connection between jaw and skull is in working order. They’ll also be looking for signs of impaction if you’ve never had wisdom teeth. These regular visits are the key to catching all the possible dangers before they arrive.

Dr. Jacob Laudie has been working with his team at Jacob Laudie Dental in Lees Summit, MO to protect the long-term health of their patients and ensure a long life with a beautiful smile. Call and make an appointment today to join their dental patient family.