Why Invisalign is Preferred Over Traditional Braces

Woman Holding Invisalign Aligners

Whether you’re considering braces for you or your child, metal braces are considered the standard for tooth alignment due to their strength and durability. However, wearing metal braces can be outdated and highly uncomfortable for many, as they often come with stigmas attached to them. In recent years, however, Invisalign has become the new method for correcting minor misalignments. Today we’re here to tell you about Invisalign, how it started, and why you should consider it for your smile. 

How Did Invisalign Become The Preferred Choice Over Metal Braces? 

Invisalign revolutionized the idea of clear braces in the minds of everyone through its savvy marketing techniques and innovative technology. At the beginning of its career, the marketing team for Invisalign was given a budget of $31 million to get its name out there nationwide and allow orthodontists to gather hold of the new, rising trend. And it worked!

Despite its popular rise, clear aligners were a concept that had been introduced previously. Clear aligners started in the 70s and were marketed as retainers to be worn after treatment. What Invisalign changed was its purpose – it innovated the plastic aligner as an alternative to braces, giving people the invisibility they need to straighten their teeth over time. Due to the design of Invisalign and its solid plastic material, it can apply pressure where it’s needed by being custom-made for each person’s smile. 

These advancements have made Invisalign a popular name across all practices. But what makes it different from metal braces? Here are some of the best benefits we can outline for why you should choose Invisalign treatment: 

  • Removable: While the metal braces are held in place by brackets and wires, Invisalign aligners can be easily removed. By removing them, people can brush and floss, clean their aligners and eat everything without wires to trap food.
  • Discrete: Invisalign’s main selling point is its discreetness, so why not choose them? Straightening teeth without the apparent wires and brackets makes it easy to have an aesthetically pleasing smile wherever you are and can give you the most confidence. 
  • Comfortable: Why else would you choose Invisalign? Invisalign is made of flexible plastic that’s more comfortable and more flexible than braces. The aligner trays have smooth, rounded edges that don’t scrape or jab into your gums, making them less likely to cause gum bleeding.

Invisalign gives patients practically the same results with the same costs, but they do come with some minor limitations. These aligners are usually intended for people with mild misalignments, as complex and difficult misalignments tend to present more challenges than clear aligners can handle. However, as most cases of misalignments are minor at best, Invisalign presents many people with new opportunities for a straighter, happier smile. 

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