Why Replacing Lost Teeth Is Important

Losing a tooth is never something we look forward to, but it’s a reality millions of Americans face every year. When the circumstances surrounding our oral health require that we have an extraction performed, the next question to ask is if we should have it replaced? Dental technology provides those who have lost a tooth with numerous options for replacing their missing teeth, but some patients still wonder what the benefits of having a tooth replaced are. If you’ve ever thought that replacing your missing teeth was merely vanity, we’re here to tell you that all of your teeth are important.

Your Oral Cavity Is An Interdependent System

Most people know that each tooth in our mouth performs a specific task. Incisors cut, canines rip and tear, and molars grind. What it’s possible you’re not familiar with is that every individual tooth is dependent on the others for more than just sharing the workload. While that’s important and helps to ensure that wear and tear on your teeth remain even, your teeth are dependent on the teeth around them to work their best. When a tooth has been lost, the teeth around it no longer have the support that the tooth provided. Without it, your other teeth may begin moving out of position and become misaligned.

Replacing Missing Teeth With Implants Preserves Bone

The benefits of replacing your teeth don’t end there. Your teeth also help to preserve your jawbone, with the specific pressure from chewing stimulating the maintenance and regrowth of bone. Dental implants, a popular method of restoring missing teeth, use titanium implants that actually encourage the growth of bone. Over time the process of osseointegration means that these titanium implants are permanently fused to the bone, strengthening it and preventing bone loss.

A Great Smile Enhances Social and Career Success

Aside from the medical advantages, research has revealed that the quality of your smile can have profound social and career impacts. Some of this is grounded in a confident smile, something many people with missing teeth don’t have. The confidence that shines through when you have a full set of teeth leaves a lasting impression on those you interact with. This can make people respond more positively in social settings, as well as improving your chances of getting that job, promotion, or raise you’ve been looking for. Having a great smile isn’t just about vanity when it can be the difference between the job you want and career stagnation.

This is just a small assortment of reasons that replacing missing teeth is something anyone who has had one or more teeth lost should consider. In Lee’s Summit, MO, your best option for receiving restoration dentistry by skilled and qualified providers is to call the Summit Dental Group. Under the guidance of Dr. Brian Schowengerdt, dental patients in the Lee’s Summit area receive exceptional dental care. Whether you’re looking for a new dentist, need to schedule your next preventative care visit, or are looking for restoration dentistry services, call us for an appointment today!